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A holistic approach to
improving your health

Let us show you how biomagnetism, bioenergetic medicine, bioneuroemotion, and shamanism can help improve your health.

Biomagetism Therapist & Shamanic Practitioner.

Ancestral Energy Medicine
Soul Retrieval, Energy Clearing, EFT and Tapping, NLP, Magnets


Magnetic Brenda is your key to unlocking your path to self healing. We can all receive treatment and wellness from the doctor who knows us best, “ourselves”.

As multidimensional beings, we will help all of your body/mind/soul connections.

Our services are designed to work in conjunction of your traditional medical treatment.

About Me

My name is Brenda… I am a Biomagnetic therapist, sound healing practitioner, Reiki trained therapist, EFT and tapping therapist, Aromatherapist, and Shamanic Practitioner. My life changed when my husband was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. We were told there was no cure and could not expect a positive prognosis. We didn’t give up. I started taking classes in shamanic studies to find how our indigenous groups and their infinite wisdom would help us see our challenges with a different perspective and remind us to be always grateful for what we have and manifest. Later on, I started learning other alternative therapies such as Sound Healing, Holistic Biomagnetism, Reiki, etc. We found that as we applied more and more therapies, the results kept magnifying. I've promised to myself that I will continue learning more therapies to continue helping others to reconnect with their true selves.
Brenda Sánchez Huggett
Brenda Sánchez Huggett/ Biomagnetism Therapist & Shamanic Practitioner /
Brenda Sánchez Huggett
Brenda Sánchez Huggett/ Biomagnetism Therapist & Shamanic Practitioner /
" At best, spiritual teachers can only point out the potential for a path, but the student must discover and walk upon it themselves"

We are all things. We are the chains, we are the key to the chains and the freedom that lies beyond them".


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Biomagnetism Therapy

Initial Consultation: Up to 3 hours- $156
Evaluation and Diagnostic | Treatment

Deposession/Curse unraveling

Session: Up to 2 hours $162.00

Acupressure (Weight Loss, Quit smoking, Migrane)

Session: $72.00

Shamanic Home/Business Energy Cleansing

Session: $252 within Portland, Gresham, Hillsboro area
Other areas may vary in price

Soul Retrieval

Session: $180.00

Sound Healing

Session: Up to 2 hours $90.00


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